Your Soul's Mission

"When you know who you are and why you're here,

life becomes intentional"


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What's Your  Purpose?

All The Tools You Need To Truly Know Yourself, Your Path & What Season Your Soul Is In...

An Online, Self-Directed Course

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What's your soul blueprint, your mission on earth, your purpose?

We have all asked ourselves this question - and it is the deepest inquiry of all, on our human journey.

Our heart and soul are in a never ending pursuit of meaning. Once, before we crossed the veil to our present incarnation, we mapped out exactly what we desired to experience on Earth.

From birth to our return home, we unravel the mystery of our existence. It is our most holy work.

I have mentored many souls around the globe who have been earnestly seeking the answers to these questions. It became my own heart's desire to help more of you navigate through them. And so I created an online, self-directed mini-course to help YOU map out your own personal blueprint.

Here's what we cover -

3 Lessons

* Primary Soul Mission - Our Unified Purpose

* Discover Universal Soul Missions available on Earth, (channeled information via the Pleiadian Star Nations) Which one did you chose?

* Find further clues to this incarnation provided through your numerology and astrology.

* Download 6 'Soul-Wise' PDF worksheets for a deeper dive.

* Pinpoint which 'season' your soul is in - from 1st. to 2nd. Saturn Return

* Fill out your 'Soul Blueprint' PDF.

There never has been, and never will be, anyone with your soul blueprint! You are a unique manifestation of Source in human form, and only you can bring to the Consciousness the gifts and wisdom imprinted on your soul.

From this grounded place, you can take sure and trusted steps to further your embodiment in this lifetime.

Benefit 1

Open New Doors of Perception About Your Incarnation

Benefit 2

Tap Into Your Fearless Authenticity Through Knowing Thyself

Benefit 3

Create Your Reality with Confidence and Intuition

Benefit 4

Discover Soul Missions Available on Earth


Uncovering my Soul’s Blueprint was the exact eye opening and soul aligned experience I had hoped for. My personal numerology and astrology chart revealed truths I’d always known, the more hidden wisdom I longed to have confirmed, and put to rest the plaguing questions of what to do with my life and what my purpose is.

The knowledge I gained enabled me to see myself clearly in ways I never had before, and now with ease, confidence, and clarity I claim my purpose, and shadow, as the gift I was born to carry.

This was the catalyst I needed and it opened me up to pursuing my true Soul's Purpose with a sense of certainty and a new found fire in my belly. This adventure was life changing; I found my Freedom and Truth.

Tia Russo, Massachusetts, USA.

Living My On-Purpose Life

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